Friday, July 08, 2005

Right arm after 7-2-05 session. Yellow and green is new. Posted by Picasa

Right arm after 6-11-05 session. Blue and Purple were worked on. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Left arm flowers were worked on during 5.20.05 session Posted by Hello

Left arm background brown done 4.30.05 Posted by Hello

Close up of brown background 4.9.05 Posted by Hello

WOW! Its been awhile

Well........ I've kind of been slacking a bit. On adding anything to this that is. Since my last post I've gone another 6.25 hours with Christopher. He has added some of the background color and gone back through the flowers. I finally broke down and showed my parents. It was good all around. Not sure what the heck I was scared of, but I was freaked to show them. It's all good now. I'll try to get some photos up from the last couple sessions.
Total Time - 24.25 hours

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Left arm after 3/25/05 session. Posted by Hello

3/25/05 - Left arm work

Time for the flowers on the left arm to get completed. More purple, blue, and yellow. Good times. Love having my elbows worked on. HA! Saturday night was the third anniversary party for Artcore. Great party and congrats on three years!
Total Time - 18 hours

Sunday, March 13, 2005

New blue on right arm from 3-12-05. Posted by Hello

3/12/05 - Blue, blue, and blue

Went in today and got some blue put on to the right arm flowers. Also a little green and some brown in the background. I love that I never have any idea what will be worked on until I get there. I am totally convinced that my right arm doesn't like to get tattooed. Very strange. Could just be in my head. The blue and purple looks trippy. Christopher thinks it is going to confuse the heck out of people. Sounds good to me!
Total Time - 16.75 hours

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Left arm after 2/25/05 session. Posted by Hello

2/25/05 - Funny day

It has only been a week (6 days actually) since my last session. Usually I have to wait 3 weeks, so this was cool. Time to start some purple on the left arm. Must have been something in the air because everyone seemed pretty funny. Lots of talk about past adventures. Fun stuff. Some strange dude came in talking up a storm and trying to get in with the AC guys. Christopher might have a new friend if he comes back. We didn't get as much done as I think Chris wanted to, but it was a very entertaining evening.
Total Time - 15.25 hours

Right arm after 2/19/05 session. Purple and yellow goodness. Posted by Hello

2/19/05 - New Colors

Went in expecting to have more background work done. Christopher decided to start on the right arm flowers. Purple is the color of choice. The flowers have the background patterns flowing through them, so only parts will be purple. Artcore was very busy too. There was an art opening that night so lots of cleaning going on. I picked up two bitching' magnets. Going back next Friday for a quickie. Got some time from Ian and we are going to split it up over a couple different days.
Total Time - 14.25 hours

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sides of both arms as of 1/29/05. Posted by Hello

Right arm after 1/29/05 session. Black background ink is new. Some of the red has been touched up also. Posted by Hello

1/29/05 - OUCH...

I don't know what is up with my right arm. It wasn't happy to get ink today. Maybe it was something I ate, or the humidity, but it was pissed. Luckily it seems to calm down afterwards. Anyway, Christopher started in on the background with black. He also worked on the red, giving parts a second "coat". He did this off the clock, which is really damn cool! Props to Chris(tine) too for giving me the rest of her gift certificate! Thanks! It has been only a day and I'm ready for the next session. Only 2o days to wait!
Total Time - 12.25 hours

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Chris' new tats! Posted by Hello

1/22/05 - Chris' new tats

Chris(tine) used her b-day gift today. She had a cool old serving tray with a flower design on it. She thought some of the flowers would look good on her ankles. Christopher did the work and they came out AWESOME. I can't wait for the color on my arms now! I SO wish I could have my arms done. Some day...................

Monday, January 10, 2005

Day after 1/08/05 session. Posted by Hello

1/08/05 - Left arm time

Chris went with me again today. This time she remembered the stuff she wanted to show Christopher for her ankles. As for me, today was left arm day. Christopher put in the grey lines to show where the background colors will change. He also started on the shading in the background. Looks good. Funny, but a day after a session I'm ready to go back. Photo soon. Total Time - 10.25 hours