Sunday, February 27, 2005

Left arm after 2/25/05 session. Posted by Hello

2/25/05 - Funny day

It has only been a week (6 days actually) since my last session. Usually I have to wait 3 weeks, so this was cool. Time to start some purple on the left arm. Must have been something in the air because everyone seemed pretty funny. Lots of talk about past adventures. Fun stuff. Some strange dude came in talking up a storm and trying to get in with the AC guys. Christopher might have a new friend if he comes back. We didn't get as much done as I think Chris wanted to, but it was a very entertaining evening.
Total Time - 15.25 hours

Right arm after 2/19/05 session. Purple and yellow goodness. Posted by Hello

2/19/05 - New Colors

Went in expecting to have more background work done. Christopher decided to start on the right arm flowers. Purple is the color of choice. The flowers have the background patterns flowing through them, so only parts will be purple. Artcore was very busy too. There was an art opening that night so lots of cleaning going on. I picked up two bitching' magnets. Going back next Friday for a quickie. Got some time from Ian and we are going to split it up over a couple different days.
Total Time - 14.25 hours