Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Day after 11/15/04 session. Red getting filled in. Christopher says it will be the only solid color. Posted by Hello


Lots of questions from people at work. I'll try to post them and some possible answers.

Q - Why?
A - This one really depends on who is asking and the tone. Usually the answer is that its something I've wanted to do. Or it can be just because I can. Sometimes the answer is because I hate myself (for people who have a sneer when they ask).

Q - Does it hurt?
A - For me not that bad. For you it might be awful. Everyone feels pain differently. It stings during tattooing, and feels kind of like a sunburn for a day. The thing that bugs me the most is about a week later when it starts to ITCH. That sucks.

Q - How long until it is done?
A - I'm not sure. Christopher is the artist and when he says it is done, its done. This isn't a quick project and I wouldn't want him to rush it. I am also getting both arms done at the same time so it will take longer.

Q - How much does it cost?
A - Lots. Art is expensive.

Q - Have you shown your mom?
A - HELL NO! I'm waiting for the right time. Yes I'm a puss. A 38 year old puss.

11/15/04 - RED, RED, and more RED

Went in today for 2.25 hours of "mowing the lawn" work. Christopher wanted to get some of the boring work out of the way. All the flames need to be filled in with red, so we started that. The left arm has the most so we got those filled in and started on the right ones. The left arm didn't really bother me at all. When we switched to the right one though, MAN! Definitely felt it. Chris says that many people will feel more pain when switching from one side to the other. Very strange. Also apparently I don't bleed. Not very much anyway. We still have about half of the red to finish on the right arm. Christopher also mentioned that red is a hard color to fill with because your skin starts to redden from the tattooing. It makes it hard to see if the color is completely covering. There might be areas that will need to be hit again. Photo above. Total time - 6.5 hours

Outlines on both arms. Ready for some color. Posted by Hello

Left arm with outlines complete.  Posted by Hello